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Inspired by movies like Raiders of the Lost Ark and The Mummy, Jewel Raiders is an exciting match 3 puzzle game where you match three or more jewels and explore your way through over 140 levels filled with temples, mummies, gold, and epic treasures! If you are a fan of traditional match 3 puzzle games like Bejeweled Blitz, Bubble Witch Saga, Diamond Digger Saga or Jewel Star 2, you’ll love this free to play treasure hunting puzzle game!

Jewel Raiders takes you on a quest to find all the lost riches of the world. Search through tombs, journey through ancient ruins, outwit ancient guardians and overcome all the obstacles in your way! Compare to other match 3 type of puzzle games, you will challenge your match three skills as you:

► EXPLORE tons of mummy maze levels with your brave character.
► FIND hidden underground treasures with your match three skill.
► WHIP to kill the approaching mummy troops formed by mummies, skeletons or Sphinx.
► UNLEASH your gizmos, e.g. monkey storm or jewerdozer, to clear the way powerfully.
► UNLOCK new maps by either call helps from friends or finish each level with 3 star score!

As you continue your match 3 quest for hidden ancient treasure, track you and your friend’s progress and compete against each other to prove you’re the best treasure hunter out there!

Tips to help you in your match 3 treasure hunt:

✔ Make matches carefully to outsmart the treasure’s ancient guardians!
✔ Unleash explosive rare items by making big matches!
✔ Use dynamite and other items to clear a path in tricky situations.
✔ Explore the suspicious areas to open the entrance to the underground hidden treasures and beat a 3 star score!
✔ Discover a whole bag of gizmos to aid you on your treasure hunt, including Jewel dozers and the all-powerful Monkey Storm!



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